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The importance of website cybersecurity

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The Internet has no borders, it allows us to collect important information and to search and buy anything we want or want. However, not only consumers surf the net, but also the so-called hackers.

Hackers are computer experts who exploit the vulnerability of systems to break into protected computer networks and steal valuable data and information.

As you can easily guess, this could create serious headaches, especially if a company that has the core of its business on the web has suffered an intrusion into its systems. For the corporate sector, website security is not only an important but fundamental factor! The illegal entry of hackers into the computer systems of a corporate website could cause irreversible damage such as the theft of valuable corporate information and intrusion into financial transactions. Therefore it is important to secure your site!

If your company has a website, ask yourself the following question: How much does security cost compared to the value to be protected and the value of the damage a hacker attack could cause you?

Your website is the engine of your company and its securing is essential and must be constantly monitored to prevent the exploitation of possible vulnerabilities, because promptly detecting any problems makes their resolution easier. In fact, in cases of violation, the intervention could take longer, having to identify an appropriate solution plan and what actions to take.

Hackers do not give respite and just a few days ago the online magazine published an article on the numerous attacks by ScarCruft, a group of hackers who, exploiting the vulnerabilities of systems such as Flash Player and Internet Explorer, choose companies that store information about them as targets. particular value.

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