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Social Media Marketing

Your presence on the most suitable social network for your business. In recent years, most companies on a global scale have begun to see social media as a means to make people talk about themselves by triggering interactions with a dense network of profiled contacts.
The Social Business is growing strongly, in fact the 27% of small and 34% of medium enterprises, use social media for their business, claiming to have increased the turnover of one year up to 15 %. But not only. The 87% of the Fortune 100 companies, the famous magazine that draws up the ranking of US companies based on turnover, uses social media, the 75% Facebook, the 50% Google+ and the 25% Pinterest.
It is now clear that companies all over the world are concentrating most of their business on the combined action of Social Networks and E-commerce portals. Just think that the 44% of the turnover of an E-commerce comes from Twitter and other social networks.

Brand study

Identification of the company's strengths, brief briefing of the production process, technical characteristics of the product, company history.

Knowing competitors and possible customers

Analysis of competitors, their strengths and the markets on which they operate. Know the company's customer history.

Know the most productive geographical area

Analysis of the foreign market and identification of the regions with the highest interest rate for the company product.





Facebook with over 1 billion active users, is undoubtedly the most used social network in the world. But it may not always be useful to a company, in fact it depends on the sector to which it belongs.
The average of Facebook users is 22 years old and therefore to aim at a relatively young target through a product with a captivating image that stimulates virality, Facebook may be the right choice.



Twitter is a very powerful means of communication that gives us the possibility, like other social networks, to catalog news and images through a hashtag: a container that is a cataloger of topics. With over 750 tweets per second, 500 million registered users and an average audience of around 30/40 years, this social network is often used by most companies, thanks to the search for hashtags, to communicate to a well-defined audience.


LinkedIN is the social network par excellence in the world of those who work, it has over 160 million users from 200 different countries and 61% of users use this social network as a primary place for professional networking. The most interesting data, however, comes from the choice of belonging to a thematic group. Well the 81% of the members follows a group that talks about a particular topic, of their own interest.


Pinterest is a widely used social network used as a showcase for online products. All products are cataloged by hashtags and as many as 79% of Pinterest users are more likely to buy the items they have seen on Pinterest. Any product is automatically taken up by the company's reference website, thus stimulating a high level of referrals.


With 5 million photographs a day, Instagram is the most used social network for photography lovers. Some brands in the fashion industry or that intend to develop a certain virality, use it. Here, too, the search by hashtag is essential.


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