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DigiFe Services

Web TV or Web Radio

Ease of use. Code to be incorporated for the insertion of the player on your site, guaranteed bandwidth and service provided in Cloud Uptime mode 99.9% and dedicated assistance service
Publish your event in streaming: meetings, conferences, sporting and cultural events… Make your channel known through the network (social, mail, sms). Publish your sponsors' logos superimposed.

Stability and Continuity

A continuous data flow with a simple and intuitive code.

Create your web TV

Create your channel and make yourself known through social networks.

Streaming services

The time has come to concretely evaluate the development of your digital project: your WEB TV is born.

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We are ready to satisfy your requests

Together with the client, we evaluate all the details to provide a complete and uncompromising tool. We study graphics and propose solutions to engage the Web audience.

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