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The 5G network is coming - A new challenge for companies

By 23 August 2021No Comments
The 5G network is coming - Cover

The news that the new and much discussed technology of 5G mobile network is preparing to replace the current one 4G network it is certainly not new. 

Leaving aside the laughable conspiracy theories that involved him, in fact, the 5G has been widely talked about.

To be precise, however, the implementation of this new technology on an industrial level it is still in the planning phase and will probably see the light in a few years. 

 But for this very reason today is the best time for companies to digitize, taking advantage of the opportunity created by the (almost) imminent arrival of the new 5G standard.

Let's see how.

What is 5G?

First of all let's understand exactly what is 5G and how does it work.  

The acronym 5G stands for 5th generation and identifies that set of technologies for mobile telephony that aims to replace the previous 4G standard (4th generation).

The innovations introduced by the 5G will be voted for a "greater efficiency and versatility in supporting network applications(1) ". On the other hand, these are absolutely necessary changes to meet the needs of the changing times. 

In fact, more and more users access mobile internet, to the detriment of computers and tablets, and also the amount of data they exchange between them is greater than in the past.

What news and what benefits will it bring?

After learning what is 5G, let's try to understand what are the innovations that it will introduce with its arrival:

To respond to the increasing number of connections, the 5G network it will allow a much higher number of users to connect to the mobile network, avoiding potential blockages of the lines. 

The download and upload speed of the 5G networks will undergo a significant increase, greatly reducing the latency times, still too long, of the current 4G.

However, the most significant change will concern the so-called network slicing, a real remodeling of the network architecture. 

As the term suggests, the network slicing it consists of a fragmentation of the networks into virtual logical subunits which however share the same physical infrastructure. 

This allows a single network to have many slice, each dedicated to specific tasks and, in practical terms, translates into greater flexibility of the service, more efficient use of resources and, above all, in more business opportunities

Companies to the test of 5G

The introduction of the 5G represents a great opportunity for Italian companies to bridge the technological gap that separates them from those of other countries. 

Those who will be able to take this opportunity to digitize themselves will be able to enormously implement their business, taking advantage of all the advantages of 5G.

The increased speed of the 5G networks, the lower latency and flexibility of the network slicing they will guarantee a fast, effective and high-performance service for the user. There 5G network it will also offer a higher level of security, ensuring safe and fraud-proof browsing. 

As proof of this, Capgemini Research Institute recently published a study titled Accelerating the 5G Industrial Revolution: State of 5G and edge in industrial operations

The study, carried out from 1000 global industrial organizations intending to move to the 5G, showed that the 60% of companies that tested the new technology felt an increase in operational efficiency. In addition, the 43% of respondents stressed greater flexibility of the 5G network compared to the past. 

They may seem given as an end in themselves, but in reality they show an improvement in the quality of work. Which produces a consequent increase in productivity and, potentially, an increase in revenues. 

It is precisely the companies examined that say this and also explain the reasons: the 51% of them affirms the intention to introduce new products in their business, while the 60% new services. Consequently, both estimate an increase in turnover.

What better time, then, for digitize your company and take advantage of all the benefits of 5G

The new technology, sooner or later, will show up at the starting line and only those who are ready for the challenge will be able to race together.

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