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Practical advice for new bloggers


There are several reasons for starting a blog, but the first challenge that every aspiring blogger must face is the following: how do you start a blog ?!

In general, the procedures to follow require a few simple steps, but it is essential to focus on the objectives and work hard if we want our blog to lead us to success!

We proceed in stages:

Step 1: Choose a platform.

To open a blog you need to choose the blogging platform that will host our content on the web. There are several platforms available, but the most popular is Word Press because it is free and easy to install. This platform offers two tools: Word and Word

2 Phase: The choice of the domain name.

The domain name must be inherent to the activity you carry out and you will have to choose the most effective extension for your company, that is, you will choose the .it if you want your blog to be visited mainly in Italy; while you opt for the .com if you want to open the borders of your blog also abroad.

The extension isn't as critical as the domain name, however, it can help you start a successful blog.

Step 3: Set up your blog by creating interesting content for readers.

You finally have your space on the web! Bring your blog to life by developing interesting content for visitors! It is essential that the articles you are going to publish all focus on the same goal which is, then, the goal of your blog. Remember that the more specific the content of the topics covered, the more influential and incisive the result will be.

The content you publish is the engine of your blog! People will return to visit your portal only if they recognize the quality of your articles!

Step 4: Organize your blog.

Word Press makes filters available to its bloggers to facilitate the search for content on the platform. These tools are the categories ei tags, very useful to your visitors because they allow them to easily identify only the content of their interest.

Step 5: Reply to comments

Remember to always interact with your visitors by responding to their comments and requests for assistance. Only in this way will you be able to create a dialogue with your users and stimulate the emergence of conversations around your articles.

Step 6: Use Social Media

for each article you publish, remember to insert a button at the beginning and at the end to allow your visitors to be able to share on social networks. This way your content will run much faster!

However, if you do not feel competent enough for the configuration of a wordpress you can rely on an agency for the creation of the tool and concentrate your efforts on studies to optimize the articles you will publish (SEO techniques) which can bring significant benefits to your blog. increasing visitor traffic.

The immediate consequence will be to be interesting for the web audience. You will become popular and you can take advantage of this visibility.


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