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Google Ads - Advertising in the age of the internet

By 23 August 2021No Comments
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Born in October 2000 with the name of Google Adwords, Google Ads is a paid service that allows you to enter advertising content within the search pages of Google.

Grow your business with the help of this valuable tool. The future ofadvertising is called Google Ads

Why use Google Ads?

Thanks to continuous checks and updates, Google Ads has quickly become a fundamental tool for those who want to makeonline advertising. The reason is simple, Google is, by far, the search engine most used worldwide.

 According to statistical data, it is used by the 95% of European users and the 75% of US users.

An absolute domination, which is lessened only in some countries (such as China, Russia and Japan), often also influenced by political and cultural issues that go beyond the preferences of individuals.

To stay within our borders, the 94% of Italian users uses Google as the main search engine. 

In short Google it is the tool we all use to browse the web.

It is also important to underline that the Google Ads campaigns they are not only displayed on the search engine of Google, but also all non-Google partner sites. Basically, the ads published through Google Ads are visible almost everywhere.

But the success of the advertising campaigns of Google Ads it is also conveyed by another aspect, equally important: more users connect to the network every day.

L'Istat reveals that 65.3% of the Italian population has daily access to the internet and the figure grows further if only people born after 1966 are considered (79.6%). Conversely, in 2006 the people who not they were able to access the network were 63% of the total population.

The future of the web

Therefore the future seems to lean towards an ever greater one digitization. The so-called Internet of things sees investments and turnover increase while, recently, the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg stated that he wanted to create a shared virtual space called Metaverse, along the lines of the OASIS virtual world described in the film Ready Player One.

If there was still a need to reiterate it, the web is the business of the future. 

We have already talked, in a previous article, about how this is the best time to digitize your business (here the link). 

However, being present on the network is not enough. Unlike what happens for physical stores, i online stores they have to deal with a much wider reality, in which there are also more potential competitors.

And that's exactly where it comes into play Google Ads

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is the perfect tool to advertise your company on the web. 

In this chapter we will explain that what is Google Ads, how it works and how you can use it to improve your online presence, site visits and profits. 

What is Google Ads? It is an advertising platform pay-per-click which allows advertisers to reach certain audiences, based on parameters that can be set both manually and automatically. 

Google Ads is based on the concept of live auction: when a user searches the web, an auction is generated among the ads that are most relevant to the search term. Based on the offer of the various advertisers (and other parameters determined by Google) the user who carried out the search will see a certain number of sponsored ads appear. 

The benefits of Google Ads

The benefits of using this tool are many. Google Adsin fact, it allows you to: 

  • reach the segment of the public potentially most interested in your business;
  • create ad hoc advertising campaigns, based on the characteristics of the target audience;
  • choose and check the budget to invest in the campaign;
  • choose and control the duration and times of the campaign;
  • check campaign data and statistics, with the possibility of modifying or interrupting it at any time;
  • achieve results in a short time; 
  • get potential loyalty of the customer.

Use Google Ads it is easy and intuitive, nevertheless, to obtain the best results, it is essential to contact a specialized professional. Only in this way will you be able to make the most of the potential of your campaigns Google Ads

To explain the reasons, we believe it is necessary to focus on some points on this list that deserve to be deepened.

Digife and advertising campaigns on the web

Digife has the certifications Google Ads and provides a team of experts to manage your advertising campaigns with Google Ads.

How can we help you? By providing our skills which, combined with your knowledge of your business and your customers, will allow you to identify the target, the period and the optimal budget for your campaign.

Our experience in the sector allows us to analyze data and find solutions to optimize your campaigns. 

Before concluding, we would like to focus on the last two points of the previous list. 

The Google Ads advertising campaigns allow your company to obtain excellent results starting from the very short term. In order for the results to persist and not to fade at the end of the campaign, it would be appropriate to combine a Google Ads L'search engine optimization (or SEO)

Only in this way will it be possible to maintain the results obtained thanks to Google Ads, which otherwise would risk being nullified at the end of the campaign. The specialists SEO of Digife are at your complete disposal.

Finally, a last aspect of fundamental importance concerns the customer loyalty

In a historical period like the one we are experiencing, in which more and more people make their purchases online, this concept is becoming increasingly important. 

Customers who discovered your site via Google Ads, they will be inclined to return even without receiving external stimuli, if the experience they had on the site was positive. 

Also for this reason it is good to rely on those who have the skills and experience necessary to better manage your site. What are you waiting for!

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