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The debut of selfy in Amazon

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Shopping online with a selfy? thinking about it is a big one, with the debut of selfy in Amazon, the e-commerce giant, which has asked to patent an extremely innovative system that will allow network users to authorize an online payment by taking a photo or shooting a short video. How will it work? Just download the app and take a self-timer. The photo encrypted and stored by the phone will be used for online shopping, but, at the time of purchase, the system will ask the user to authenticate and will do so by asking him to perform certain actions, movements or gestures such as a smile or a wink, to ascertain that it is a real person and not a photo stolen on the web, but also to avoid any doubts about the willingness to make the payment. Upon identification, the system will immortalize an image which, subjected to biometric control and a facial recognition software, will verify the identity of the consumer who is completing the transaction. It is certainly a very interesting method as it would retire old passwords that are easy to forget and at risk of theft and would avoid the embarrassment of having to leave the group to protect yourself from prying eyes when entering it; on the other hand, there are many doubts regarding the safety of selfy pay, as it will be necessary to understand how Amazon can prevent some attacker from evading the system by making the payment through someone else's video, rather than a self-timer.

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