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Equation: E-commerce + Smart People = Profit

The growth of e-commerce.

Despite the economic recession oppressing our country for years now, statistical data have shown that the e-commerce they are expanding exponentially. Today there are about eight million Italian users who purchase products or services online on websites and through mobile apps. The e-commerce market to date has recorded a real doubling with a turnover of 28 billion euros. In Italy there are 16,000 companies that do e-commerce and, given the levels of growth, forecasts say that they will become 50,000 in 2025.

More and more businesses are leveraging e-commerce to achieve their online sales goals. E-commerce refers to a shopping experience similar to that in the store. Any business that sells products in a real store can also do so in a virtual online store. Some merchants decide to combine e-commerce with their physical store, while others prefer, even, to rely exclusively on the web channel to offer their products and services all over the world. This is because doing business online allows you to improve the economic results of your business! Online companies grow much faster, being able to reach an international clientele, compared to those not present on the web or present only passively.

What should prompt a trader to take his business online?

  • The web is the perfect place to interact with customers interested in your products or services you offer wherever they are. Your online store is active 24 hours a day and any day of the year. This means that all the people who surf the net could become your customers and decide to make online purchases at any time of the day and from the comfort of home;
  • Opening an online store means getting rid of the fixed and variable costs associated with a physical structure such as renting a room, hiring staff to run the business and bills;
  • E-commerce involves lower costs than a physical store and this allows even the smallest business realities to open their showcase on the web and start selling online.

It is important to remember that, in online and offline sales, the purchase is not an automatic process but must be guided. That's why relying on professionals is important! an E-commerce must be designed following principles and best practices in order to improve and facilitate the shopping experience of online users and make your business on the web even more productive.

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