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WhatsApp and Facebook: new security option and weather service

Whatsapp: new optional safety feature

Facebook: new weather function on the social network

Whatsapp introduced a account security system two-step, a mechanism already adopted in the past by some platforms such as Google and Twitter, which will require a second method of authentication to access online services.

Let's see how to enable this new security feature.

Open theApp., go to "Settings", click first on "Account" and then on "Two-Step Verification" and enable the function. You will be asked to enter a six-digit code, to confirm it and consequently to write your email address.

Thanks to the email you enter, Whatsapp will send you a link, which will allow you to retrieve the code you no longer remember.

A few simple steps and the function that raises the security level is active!

The code you are going to enter, however, will only be valid for seven days, which means that every week you will be asked to communicate a new code in order to access the WhatsApp chat. Once the function is activated, theApp. it will periodically ask you to enter the access code used when configuring the two-step verification, in order to make it easier for the user to memorize it.

We find another important novelty at home Facebook with the arrival of the weather function.

Facebook has just introduced another very useful function within its application that will allow users to quickly and easily consult the weather conditions of the city in which they live. There "Weather" function has been included in the menu and has a clean and simple interface. The weather service in the App., powered by, it will immediately recognize your current position, constantly updating the weather data.

The weather function is already available for many users and even if some may not have it yet, it will soon reach the users' 100% on both desktop and mobile.


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