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Whatsapp and privacy on Android pay attention to the sale of your terminal!

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Privacy on Whatsapp for Android

The WhatsApp Messenger application for Android restores the backup of previous messages

Almost everyone who buys a smartphone now uses instant messaging services such as whatsapp, viber, etc.

Among these, the most used is undoubtedly WhatsApp Messenger.

Often when you sell your smartphone to switch to a different model, you simply restore it to factory settings without performing a hard reset and format.

When installing WhatsApp Messenger, a window appears with the possibility of restoring the backup of previous messages. 

What does it mean? Means that by restoring the previous backup, the owner of the smartphone has the possibility to read and all the messages that have been sent and received by the previous owner.

WhatsApp Messenger for Android  allows anyone who comes into possession of a non-new smartphone to restore messages from the old owners unless the latter has completely formatted the device's memory.

A big whatsapp bug is not to associate the backup with the phone number on the smartphone.

So… watch out for your privacy!



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