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Voucher of 10 thousand euros for SMEs

By 12 January 2018No Comments
voucher of 10 thousand euros

Voucher of 10 thousand euros for SMEs

Let's start the new year with good news for SMEs

The Ministry of Economic Development will disburse in favor of small and medium-sized enterprises Voucher with a maximum value of 10 thousand euros for digitization works of business processes and more generally for thetechnological modernization of the company such as the purchase of software or hardware.
These are non-repayable financing interventions which, as indicated on the Ministry website, can be used for:

  • improve business efficiency;
  • modernize the organization of work, through the use of technological tools and forms of work flexibility, including teleworking;
  • develop e-commerce solutions;
  • take advantage of broadband and ultra-broadband connectivity or connection to the internet using satellite technology;
  • carry out qualified training of personnel in the ICT field.

The total amount of funds is 100 million euros which will be divided among the various regions according to the table that you can consult here.

The amount of the Voucher is 50% of the expenses incurred for these technological modernization works up to a maximum of 10 thousand euros.

The SMEs that meet the requirements provided for by art. 5 of decree of 23 September 2014, through the IT procedure accessible in the section "Digitization voucher"On the site of Ministry, starting from 30 January 2018 until 9 February 2018.
We remind you that to access the services it is necessary to have the CNS (national service card) and the applicant company must own a PEC box activated and registered in the Business Register.

There completing the application it can be done (again through the computer procedure on the Ministry website) as early as January 15, 2018. The information that you will have to fill in in this part can be found here. At the end of the procedure you will be issued a "application preparation code"Which you will then have to use for the actual submission of the application (from 30 January).

Once the deadline for submission has expired, the Ministry has 30 days to adopt a cumulative provision for booking Vouchers containing an indication of the companies and the amount booked.
At this point , for the definitive delivery of the Voucher, you have 30 days to submit your request (see here) and a whole series of documents relating to the reporting of expenses incurred.

For a detailed description of the project see here and download the pdf  of the decree.

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