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Online Shopping - What users love and what they hate about your e-commerce

By 14 October 2021No Comments
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A survey, carried out on over 1000 users who practice online shopping, reveals what are the sources of greatest satisfaction or frustration for users who make purchases within a e-commerce.


The report published by Digital Commerce 360, a Chicago-based e-commerce research and consultancy company, is based on a survey of over 1,000 consumers in September, highlighting aspects ofyour e-commerce that users appreciate, but also the aspects to be avoided absolutely. 

Before analyzing the report results in detail, some preliminary considerations. First of all Digital Commerce 360 emphasizes the strong increased demand for e-commerce products, an obvious consequence of the long lockdown period that has just passed.

In fact, more and more users, unable to leave, have opted for the purchase of products on the web. This data is directly related to a increased competition on the web, given the proliferation of new small and medium-sized sites attempting to exploit the opportunity.

And that is why it is important to understand what are the most pleasing aspects to users who perform online shopping and which ones should be avoided. 

But getting the attention of potential customers isn't the only reason this matters. Optimizing your site based on user preferences is also essential in the eyes of Google. The Mountain View company, in fact, is responsible for the (much or little) visibility that your e-commerce has on the internet and, to establish whether your site is "worthy" to be viewed or not, it is based on the concept of user experience.

In other words, if a website offers an overall good user experience, it will have a better chance of being found by interested potential customers.

What users like ...

Respondents expressed greater satisfaction in desktop shopping, rather than mobile. According to Lauren Freedman, senior analyst at Digital Commerce 360, "mobile still has a long way to go" to catch up. 

In addition to being indicative of a trend, this figure highlights the need for most e-commerce sites to review and improve their mobile user experience

A detailed description of the products is indicated by the 76% of the interviewees as the most important aspect for a positive shopping experience. As for customization options, customers' 59% likes a quick access to recently viewed products

Efficiency is equally important. Nearly three-quarters of the study group asked "what aspect of online shopping has exceeded your expectations this year?" they replied with "a quick and easy purchase procedure". In second place, with the 59%, is positioned "find products quickly with the search bar".

… And what not

As for what to avoid, the survey respondents chose i ambiguous shipping costs (36%), the lack of product photos (35%) and one unattractive product description (33%).

In addition to the experience directly linked to browsing the site, the survey also touches on issues related to warehouse and shipping. The majority of buyers (68%) prefer theclearly indicated the out of stock products and they want to be inquire about any delays in delivery.

User experience 

Everything therefore revolves around the user experience, i e-commerce sites they must therefore work towards this to improve the shopping experience. A site that guarantees a positive user experience will have a better chance of retaining its customers, thereby increasing its turnover. 

For this reason it is important to rely on a team of industry experts who understand these dynamics and are able to put them into practice, such as Digife.

In Digife, the mission is to support activities and companies in the difficult task of digitizing, so that they can make the most of the opportunities that an expanding market, such as the web, offers.

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