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Restaurant: increase your turnover with the web, don't settle for it!

Do you have a restaurant and want to increase the number of seats served every day? Find out what you can do!

Open a restaurant and promoting it for many is an easy business to operate. In reality, bringing a restaurant business to success can be really complicated and, often, it turns out along the way, after making several mistakes. In fact, several restaurants they do not even exceed the first year of activity.

A restaurant, if managed and advertised properly, it can become a real gold mine, but it is essential to know how to promote it on the market.

The first mistake that many restaurant businesses make, without realizing it, which is often what forces them to close the shutters, is to adopt obsolete and outdated communication "strategies" that the market no longer absorbs, such as distributing flyers in neighborhoods closest to the restaurant o purchase advertising space, with the consequence of limiting the advertising of one's business to a specific area.

Then, there are the restaurateurs more observant who post photos of the dishes of their business on social networks since they understood that today's market moves online.

Again, however, post some photos on Facebook and getting some reviews may help, but it's not enough. Because? Because the competition between restaurants today it is truly ruthless and much more is needed to escape invisibility! What do you have to do? Plan a strategy that starts from web and you get to take advantage of those marketing tools that help build loyalty and above all to increase your clientele.

Below some precious suggestions to stay in the race and guide your business not only towards success but also towards a future of new opportunities.

1.Register a domain name for your restaurant and create a website

The goal of promoting a restaurant is to make it known. By making a website you can start advertising yourself even before opening a place. The web it is the most powerful tool you have at your disposal to make yours famous restaurant even beyond territorial borders.

The world today moves online! People, before going to a restaurant, consult the web to gather as much information as possible about what they are looking for.

They consult the restaurant menu online before visiting it and prefer i restaurants which have a strong presence on the web, compared to those who have not embraced the internet.

With a website you can provide information about your business, keep your customers constantly updated on menu proposals and any promotions and even manage reservations.

2. Take an SEO campaign seriously

Take full advantage of the potential of yours website, planning an internet marketing campaign. Since all online searches are linked to geo-localized content, make sure that yours is among the search engine results website appear in searches relevant to your restaurant.

3. Get a system that helps you collect your customers' emails within the venue.

It is a self-installing device which is simply connected to the Ethernet cable and which will allow you to combine the Open Wi-Fi service to that of Newsletter.

People always need to be connected in every place and time of the day.

With this tool, on the one hand you will offer people who come to your restaurant an excellent one internet connection service, which will incentivize them to return to your restaurant, on the other hand you can use customer emails (automatically collected by the captive portal) to send them newsletter on the offers of the week.

An inexpensive device that gives great benefits!

To learn more click here.

4. Focus everything on proximity marketing with an app. mobile

If you believe that the loyalty card is a great way to turn a one-time customer into a loyal customer, you need to know that there is a much more powerful tool than the traditional magnetic card.

This tool is the App. mobile!

Don't worry, you won't have to hire a programmer as an employee!

Once your web agency of trust will have made you theApp., your customers will only have to download it with a simple click!

At that point theApp. it will be active on them smartphone and will send them notifications based on the behavior held within a certain area.

In this way you will always keep the user's interest in your business active.

5. Make use of Social Networks

Many activities are now present on Facebook! Don't get lost in the mass e take care of your presence on social networks in a professional way!

Don't just post pictures of your own dishes restaurant but interact and engage customers.

THE social network must be used to generate traffic on the site of your restaurant.

Don't forget to sponsor the post!

6. Make your flyer digitally and post it on Facebook

Evaluate different forms of advertisements than the traditional flyer to post in the mailboxes of your fellow citizens.


"Facebook Localized AdsIs an ad format that Facebook allows you to target geographically restricted circles of users.

You can target the ad by limiting it exclusively to your city or even to a single neighborhood, reaching in a simpler and safer way precisely those people who might be interested in your business.



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