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Millennials are the future of companies

For the Millennials real life unfolds online

Millennials' 90% is online daily.

Young people today do not go online, live online!

As many as 90% of children aged between 16 and 34 are online every day.

What do they do? They are constantly updated on social network, do online shopping and watch videos.

In short, their daily life is inextricably linked to what happens on the web.

The mobile it is their means of moving.


The Millennials' 75% prefers to use a smartphone rather than a computer to go online.

THE Millennials they are not only digitized but are also mobile!

The smartphone they are becoming more and more important. 3 Millennials su 4 connects to the network via their device mobile, at least as often as he does it with a computer.

1 in 3 declares to go online often with it smartphone.

In fact, connections to the public network record a very high percentage of accesses by the youngest who use the mobile devices to find information when and where they want.

1 in 4 admits to constantly using their own mobile device to move from one place to another throughout the day.

What kind of activities do Millennials do on their smartphones? Do they spend as much time on their smartphone as they do on their computer? Millennials use mobile devices to do it all! The 67% visits i social network, the 62% searches for information on search engines, the 56% watches online videos, the 51% searches for destinations and the 43% searches for potential purchases.


Google is their most trusted friend, and friends are their consultants.

Ben the 55% of the Millennials use the search engines to know the characteristics of the products.

In short, regardless of the question i Millennials they seek the answers to their questions online.

Search engines like Google are their first port of call!

To do shopping the 55% of young people before proceeding with the purchase, searches online and the 27% of their visit Web sites of well-known brands.

For this young audience, the mobile it is a fundamental resource for everything from seeking information to the decisive stage leading to purchase.

More than the 40% of the Millennials does online shopping through smartphone and this percentage is almost twice as high as that of over 35s.

To keep up to date with the release of new products, i Millennials they are mostly confronted with their peers. Their purchases are not determined by previous experiences as, instead, happens for the over 35 (36% compared to 43% of the over 35).

1 Millennials out of 5 also draws information from other sources before deciding on a purchase. For example, come on social wwwork, where there is a rate of attendance of young people almost twice as high as the presence of over 35s.


Youtube is the first destination to find entertainment

The 20% of the Millennials believes that the content on Youtube are much more interesting than the contents of the television channels. Young people love youtube and 4 out of 10 say they go to youtube at least once a day.

So, what are the reasons that push young people to attend the channel youtube? On youtube you can have fun, learn and interact with other users: for the 20% of the Millennials the contents of this channel are much more interesting and relevant than what the television channels broadcast and the 61% is well focused on contents and follows them regularly .

No wonder the Youtube stars they are adored by young people Millennials like Hollywood celebrities!

As in other aspects of life, youtube's strength is its social essence.

Young people today share the videos they have seen or uploaded with friends, but not only: 4 out of 10 say they watched videos on youtube last week with both friends and family.


Social media is their stage

The 50% of the Millennials, daily, comment and / or click like on a friend's post

If you ask a Millennials what their morning routine is, they are likely to reply that their first act of the day is checking their social media.

At least once a day, about half of them comment and / or like the post posted by a friend. More than any other generation, today's kids frequently share news on social media that directly concern them, they have an unstoppable need to communicate and receive recognition from their peers.

If their life is a game, social media is the perfect stage and their moods can be found in posts and comments.

Millennials are your future!

1 in 10 Millennials knows about new products through advertising

Millennials are not just a target audience but they are a generation.

They cannot be ignored! Businesses working for long-term success should know the three rules for reaching younger audiences.

Peer advice often plays a key role in millennials' purchasing decisions.

The three rules:

1) Companies should maintain a dialogue with young influencers to reach a wider audience. The same should gather information very carefully, the next social star is already in place.

2) A very important aspect to consider is that the 10% of Millennials becomes aware of new products on the market through the channels of online advertising and gods social media. Therefore the online advertising it is the most powerful tool that a company can have to make its products / services known to the youngest and build loyalty to its brand.

3) Youtube it is a fundamental channel. Businesses should use videos to communicate with Millennials! As mentioned above, Millennials spend a lot of time on Youtube and watch everything from music videos to movies, from comedies to sports competitions and in general anything that arouses their curiosity.


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