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Apps and the future of e-commerce

By 31 August 2021No Comments
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The app market in numbers

The world of the web is more and more mobile first. In 2020 4.5 billion people were able to connect to the network and around 53.3% of them did so by mobile device (1).

This little data would be enough to make us understand the importance that smartphones have assumed in recent years (and that will continue to grow) and the leading role thatmobile internet he has carved out himself in modern society. 

But if there were still someone who has some doubts about it, let's add some other interesting data. According to forecasts, in 2021 i online media will generate 51% of all the money spent globally in advertising. While the 63% of advertisements on the web will be designed and directed towards the mobile.

And again, according to estimates, this year the sales generated by sites  e-commerce will reach $ 4.9 trillion, with 47.3% of the world population making at least one online purchase.  

Finally, the 68% of the owners of smartphone has already tried to make a purchase from their phone.

The numbers tell us that the mobile market is constantly growing and that the digitalization process that is changing the world shows no signs of stopping but, on the contrary, involves more and more people from all over the world. 

This is not surprising because, from the very day of its birth, the web has seen its popularity and, consequently, its turnover grow continuously and exponentially. 

The reasons for this growth are many, last but not least the recent health crisis and the consequent lockdown that have forced many people to make their purchases. online.

Whatever the reasons, a company that wants to be competitive on the market must necessarily turn its gaze to the market mobile internet. And to do so it must be aware of the new trends of digital marketing. Let's see some of them.


Trends for the digital marketing of the future

Although it cannot properly be defined as one new trend, it is essential to start from a concept that, for some years now, has been at the basis of the philosophy of Google: the user experience. The American company, in fact, has adopted an algorithm that benefits websites that offer a better browsing experience to their users. 

It is the principle from which one must necessarily start to do online commerce: "make an impression" on Google.

To do this it is necessary to resort to one multichannel structure, that is an online system that integrates the website a number of other channels such as i social media and the app. With a structured system it improves the service offered to users and, consequently, also the visibility of one's company. 

A system of this type also allows a high degree of customization through which to satisfy the needs of a single customer or groups of customers. Creating specific advertising campaigns for certain targets, for example, allows you to reach specific audiences in a targeted manner, avoiding wasting time and money.

The role of social network it is also fundamental as a means of communication. They, if exploited properly, can represent a free means to increase the visibility of the brand and to make their followers aware of any promotions and news.

The most important aspect, however, concerns the implementation of amobile app. Create aapp well structured and optimized is the best way to build customer loyalty. This is because, first of all, it reduces users' interaction with the competition, since they are not forced to go through other channels (web). 

A'app dedicated, moreover, continues and implements the discourse on customer experience personalized. Based on individual needs, each user will be able to enjoy a "privileged treatment" and optimized. 


Relying on professionals

In addition to representing a unique opportunity for companies, the great success of the app he was born in digital marketing it also leads to more competition. Compared to physical stores, in fact, on the web we find ourselves competing with a large number of companies, often very distant from us.

For this reason it is good to rely on a team of industry experts like professionals Digife

We specialize in making professional e-commerce sites, advertising graphics, positioning is SEO optimization and creation of mobile app.

The advice of a highly competent company is absolutely necessary to keep up with technological progress and to fully exploit the potential offered by the new frontier of digital commerce

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