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Facebook Stories: here's how to use the new feature

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Facebook Stories

There "Stories" function was introduced for the first time on Snapchat, a social network particularly popular among the younger audience and subsequently replicated by Instagram, the social network owned by Facebook.

Just five months after their debut, the Instagram stories they reached 150 million average daily users, the same success reported by Snapchat.

The success and popularity of the Instagram Stories convinced Mark Zuckerberg to introduce the same function also on its flagship social network.

For a few days Facebook introduced a new camera in its application that allows its users to take pictures or make mini videos, customizable with new filters and effects, to be published instantly.

Furthermore, the contents, which can only be used twice, can also be sent privately via Direct, but after 24 hours they will disappear and will no longer be recoverable.

How does Facebook Stories work?

Facebook Camera is accessible by clicking oncamera icon which appears in the blue bar at the top left. The application gives the possibility to switch between the rear or front camera and to select the desired effects with a downward swipe. Once the function identifies your face, various effects will interact with it. By making certain movements, such as opening your mouth or bowing your head, you can also animate your photo. If what the function has shown you so far does not satisfy you, by clicking on the star at the bottom left you can consult other effects, stickers and animations. It is also possible to import a photo from the gallery by clicking on the icon at the bottom right.

Once you have taken your photo, you can overturn it or write on it both with the keyboard and with your finger by choosing the color of the marker. Instead, by holding down the central button, rather than tapping it once, you can shoot a mini video using the animations that the function makes available to you.

Once you have taken the photo or recorded the video, the function will ask you how you intend to use the content, giving you three possibilities:

1.Share the photo / video on Facebook as if it were a normal post;

2.Share what has been achieved on your story, where the contents will remain visible for 24 hours;

3.Send the photo / video as a private message via Direct.

Also, you can choose multiple options at the same time.

Your done Daily history ready!

Returning to the Home, under the blue search bar, you will see a circular icon with your profile photo. That is your Story! Next you can consult the Facebook Stories of your friends.

Once the Facebook Story is created, can it be deleted?

If you regret posting a photo or video because someone else pointed out that it was too compromising, the new feature gives you the option to delete the photo from your Story. Just go back to the Home, click on your Story and search for the photo you want to delete. Once you have identified the photo, click on the three dots that appear at the top right and select the “delete photo” option from the menu. Problem solved!

What has changed in the Application?

Just like on Instagram, the string dedicated to Facebook Stories appears at the top.

The first circular icon includes your profile photo, followed by those of your friends who recently uploaded a new story. Always at the top left of the blue search bar you will find the camera icon, while on the right the Direct icon. Instead, notifications and settings have been moved to the bottom, much more convenient as they can now be managed with one hand.

These changes, however, have not been painless because since the first moments of the release of the function, with the update the application has given some problems to users who have complained in the last period of an instability of the application, often subject to blocks. , which forces them to exit the application and restart it. Other than that, it seems to have disappeared from the App. of Facebook the Messenger icon that forces users to leave the social network to enter the specific Messenger application.

In addition to the Facebook Story Editor, there are other additional apps that allow you to create compelling stories and share them directly on Facebook. One such app is Canva Stories, which allows you to create stories, even videos, by customizing one of the ready-to-use templates with your content. In short, with Canva you can unleash your creativity and create original stories

While waiting for the function to be perfected at Facebook, it would be interesting to understand what you think of the new Facebook Stories function and if you have noticed other problems to report.

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