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The reasons why your e-commerce site is not working?

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You have invested a lot of money to create an ecommerce portal connected to your business but you are not getting the desired results. Why? Let's try to analyze the most common mistakes

1. You are invisible online

Nobody knows that you have opened, your site does not even appear on google in other words it is as if your shop window was in a little frequented side street of your city, where rarely anyone passes !!!

2. Wrong purchase procedure

The pages lead to non-existent links, it is not possible to place the product in the cart and you do not know how to pay for the goods, in other words the site is unusable by an end customer.

3. Visualization

Your website is visible only to a select few, it is made in flash, many mobile devices cannot access or even buy


Your website is poorly made, with cheap graphics, and customers don't trust them to buy from you.

5.Ad words

You have invested in keywords with Google Adwords, but the customer comes to your site looking for something and… finds something else. It is important to relate content to SEM campaigns

6.Site and social network

Have you invested in the e-commerce site and don't have a fan profile on facebook from which to advertise your products? why not exploit this channel effectively?

7. They buy but don't come back

Your customers no longer return to the site after their first purchase? why not try to retain them or make them feel special with offers dedicated to them?

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