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E-commerce in Italy still a lot of space available

By 17 December 2015No Comments

Although shopping on the web has had an increase thanks to the spread of various portable devices, in Italy there are still few companies that have equipped themselves with their own store compared to the European average.

Even B2b companies have not fully welcomed the opportunity offered by a channel like the internet, which allows almost unlimited visibility.
Only the 26% of Italian companies are present online, the rest still rely on the traditional street shop.
The two forms of commerce go hand in hand and the United States and other European countries are well aware of this, where well over half of purchases are made online.

In confirmation of Black Friday, the Friday following Thanksgiving Day which is celebrated in the United States and where most of the Christmas shopping at discounted prices are concentrated, there was an increase of 65% in sales for Italy.

The products / services that most attract Italians are the booking of hotels and tourist facilities, clothing, hi-tech products, beauty and medical products, books. Among these products they will most likely also choose Christmas gifts.

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