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Coordinated image: what it is and why it is important

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Sometimes we hear talks aboutcoordinated image, two very common words in graphics, but it is equally common not to know their true meaning. Let's try to clarify!

As we all know, a company must be able to better communicate its presence in the market, an integral and useful part of the purpose is the logo (also called brand or brand).
The corporate brand is like a signature, an abstract thought to tell a story, an experience, all those values that the company wants to communicate and is placed on company products and internal and external communication materials.
But the logo alone is not enough to convey these concepts to the end customer, good communication is made up of many elements.

Speaking of coordinated image we should examine the concept of the word: coordinated. A brand must be able to communicate to the market and to users in a "connected" way, above all it must be able to communicate in a coherent way to be remembered and recognized by the end user.

The coordinated image is just that: organizing, creating, producing all the factors needed for corporate communication in such a way that they are the same and connected - or coordinated - in every existing advertising medium.
To organize all this, professional graphic designers create a Brand Manual, that is, a handout / manual that explains how to use a company logo of the company. How to use colors, fonts, icons, photographs, graphic elements, signs and so on to create a well-defined, coherent and coordinated communication.

Create the corporate identity, also called brand identity, means being able to communicate one's qualities, broaden the voice of the brand, improve the consumer experience and, above all, increase the awareness of the brand among loyal and future customers.



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