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Anonymous calls? Woozthat will reveal them!

Receiving anonymous calls is a common situation, some ignore them, assuming that they come from a call center or that it is advertising; others are overwhelmed by anxiety for not having had time to respond because, perhaps, they have been waiting for a response for a job offer for a long time. In short, doubts about the caller number assail us, but no one can help us solve them.

The solution to this annoying problem comes from WoozThat, a truly revolutionary program for Android and completely free, which will allow us to find out who is calling us with an anonymous, hidden or private number.

How does WoozThat work? Its operation is brilliant! Once the app is installed, every time our phone reports an anonymous call, a popup will appear with a button that will allow us to identify the number of who is contacting us, through a notification sent by the WoozThat systems.

WoozThat simply exploits the call service that telephone operators make available, diverting only the anonymous calls to switchboards that will identify the anonymous number on the first ring.

All this will happen without the knowledge of the anonymous caller and the numbers from which we will receive anonymous calls will be saved by the application that will be able to show the contact name if present in our address book.


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