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By 14 September 2016No Comments

Improve the ranking on Booking

You want to appear high in the search results for Booking? Some tips to improve yours ranking and consequently the number of conversions.

1. Increase room availability.

Always being bookable even in high season will increase yours ranking on Booking. In fact, the greater the number of rooms available, the greater the benefit of the promotion of Booking.

2. Don't neglect the quality of the photos.

Photos are essential to capture the attention of visitors to the portal and for this reason we recommend that you invest in a good photographic service. Rely on a professional who can meticulously take care of the environments to be immortalized. Check that the photos to be uploaded to the portal are clear, sharp, bright and in high resolution. Identify the most eye-catching photos and use them for both online and offline promotion. Remember that the higher quality the photos you upload, the more likely you are to seduce your potential customers.

3. Improve the description and content.

Booking has a staff of hundreds of people who translate and write descriptions for various properties in many languages, trying to personalize and optimize the information to attract the interest of potential customers. Provide a detailed description of the location, specifying the added values of the location and any points of interest close to the property e Booking will reward you! Conversely, if the portal recognizes a poor description and information that is irrelevant to the services offered, it will penalize your structure.

4. Respect the parity rate clause.

Compared to the average selling price, Booking tries to raise it to the maximum, but without ignoring the logic of the market, always trying to maintain the balance between profitability and saleability. If a hotel decides to sell its rooms at a lower price than Booking or to its competitors, sales would be affected and here comes the concept of "parity rate".

The portal, in fact, penalizes the structures that do not respect the parity rate clause with a worse positioning in the search results. So, remember that to climb the ranking you will have to set a higher rate, since, in this way, increasing the benefits of the portal, Booking will take you higher in the ranking. The higher price brings greater benefits to everyone and therefore has priority in the portal rankings.

5. It is vital to have positive reviews.

Positive reviews always play a crucial role in the choice of customers, to the point that, often, they are more likely to book a more expensive hotel than a cheaper one but with more negative comments. And if the structures compete for the same price, the choice for the structure with the most positive reviews is almost certain. Remember that customer reviews are very important and that your reputation on the portal is essential to maximize conversions.

6. Percentage of commission.

The higher the percentage you will recognize a Booking, the greater your visibility on the portal.


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