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Social Advertising: Better Facebook or Google?

Social advertising: Better Facebook or Google?

It depends!!!
It will always be the answer of any Social Media Marketing professional.

Google is the product's immediate sales tool; on the other hand, if we want to advertise by attracting, in unique ways, a specific audience for our business activity, we must rely on Facebook.

Let's understand why:
1. Reach Users
Anyone who uses Google to search for someone or something.
If we want to reach a user with their advertising or paid ad, Google is unrivaled! If the goal of a company is to reach the highest number of users by advertising its brand or product, then Google AdWodrs is the key tool.
2. Targeting
Both platforms give the possibility to choose which users to propose their advertising to by basing the search on a demographic and geographical basis.
But there are substantial differences. Google profiles users on what they are looking for at that moment; Facebook instead searches for users based on their history, behavior and interests over time.
What is better? Both based on specific needs.
3. Costs
Google is obviously more expensive than Facebook.
However, the economic efficiency of an advertising campaign directly depends on the effectiveness of the campaign itself and it all depends on the data offered by the advertising platform on which we decide to rely. To each his own market, his opportunities and his problems.

Social Advertising: Better Facebook or Google? In the end who wins?
Google is unbeatable for immediate sales, while Facebook lends itself more to brand awareness.
So each company has its own market!

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