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Would you buy a product without knowing its characteristics? Each website has its own why!

More and more companies decide to open one showcase on the web to be able to exploit the potential that the network is able to offer, but being present online is not enough. When you decide to bring your business on the web, you have to think about the type of project you want to carry out. When the project is clear to you, rely on aweb agency able to follow you in the development and realization of a site that is adequate to your requests and needs.

For each request there are, in fact, different types of websites which differ from each other, both in the arrangement of the elements, and in the method of presentation of the contents, which is fundamental in terms of communication.

Let's see together what the various are types of websites which could be of interest to those who decide to increase their own online business:

Dynamic website:

It is a site based on a software called CMS, that is, a system created specifically to manage the contents and functionality of the site. Thanks to the CMS system, even inexperienced users can easily make the updates they want both to the contents and, in part, to the structure.

It is certainly an added value to be able to evaluate in the initial phase the ease and practicality of use of the instrument.

A site of this type is useful for all people who want to frequently update the news of the company they work for (fairs, types of work, new products, etc.).

E-commerce site:

It is a real Online shop, ideal for those who have a business and want to sell products or services, presenting them in a simple and immediate way. This type of site is based on software that allows the owner to manage the pages independently. For the creation of this site it is essential to rely on professionals as it is not enough to open a showcase on the web if there is no visibility. The site must be easy to use and findable by search engines. Only professionals in the sector will be able to take care of its usability and make you one good SEO campaign on engines.

Anyone who sells products or services will find an excellent communication channel with their users and will be able to have an online showcase 24/24.

- Static website:

It is a site whose pages do not change in appearance and content. This means that the pages remain the same until the web master intervenes by making the necessary technical changes. It has a light structure, is traceable by search engines but does not allow any interaction with the user. Initially it was the most popular form of website, but the advent of the CMS has made it obsolete for the benefit of dynamic websites.

Web portal:

It's a website of large dimensions containing different themes and contents such as images, texts and videos. The portal is nothing more than an information aggregator that acts as a mediator for the users of the network, allowing them to reach, through a specific entry point in the network, a large amount of existing resources.

The Portal it has a double utility: on the user side you can enter into a network with similar companies to understand the one that best suits your needs, on the professional side you can have an additional showcase where you can show products, services and your professionalism.

Portals use ranking mechanisms networking experiences of other users on the web in order to have quality scores of a company before contacting it

-The blog:

It's a interactive online diary where to write articles and posts that can be commented on by network users. Unlike a static website, in fact, the blog gives the opportunity to create an interactive relationship between the writer and the reader, giving rise to exchanges of ideas and opinions. For example, if you have a company, a blog could be useful for communicating with your customers in a more direct way, keeping them updated on issues concerning business activity, which is essential for maintaining a relationship with products and products over time. offered services.

The Forum:

It is a platform on which users discuss but has a structure similar to that of a site. Within the forum some users are administrators and take care of the total management of the site, including any technical problems that may arise; other users are moderators and have the role of managing content and categorizing discussions in an appropriate manner, carrying out banning actions against malicious users. Finally, there are the users, identified by an image that, depending on the relevance of the posts written, can advance in rank.

Remember that the website will be like a tailored suit for your business!




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