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The Evolution of Google Search – New Coming Soon

By November 24, 2022No Comments
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The event has just ended Search On 2022, dedicated to all the news that Google has in store for the most famous and used search engine in the world. Indeed, the Google search, which engages around 2 billion people every day, with over 3.5 billion searches, is set to change. 

The innovations presented by the Mountain View company aim to facilitate, and at the same time involve, users who browse the search engine. In particular, Google was inspired by the way the internet is used by younger people, who prefer visual and more accessible content. Let's find out all the news.

What's New in Google Search

By the end of the year the Google search engine intends to give a higher priority to visual content, such as photos and videos, over the text link. Even if the latter will remain the main part of the service, the visualization of the contents will take place in different ways. 

There Google search it will become similar to the feeds to which social networks have accustomed us, since the layout of the page is also destined to change. Visually, the results of Google search will be shown as a series of colored cards, interspersed with images and videos.

Further changes to the service will involve the suggestions that will be displayed and the shortcuts. In fact, Google intends to implement the algorithms that govern its AI, in order to guarantee more fitting results and direct shortcuts to e-commerce, when looking for a product to buy. 

Finally, not even Google Maps will be immune from changes. Soon, it will in fact be possible to search the map of the big G through the Multisearch function. This will allow users to photograph something and get information by uploading it to the web. Further functions will then be available, such as Neighborhood Vibes, which will recommend places to see, clubs and more, starting from the uploaded photos. 

The reasons for the change

The intention of the American giant is to make the Google search more engaging, to stimulate navigation and deepening of content, through new research. The reasoning behind the motivations of the new announcements is as simple as it is intelligent. In fact, a more immersive search engine will entice surfers to stay on the web, scrolling down the page to the bottom, something that cannot be taken for granted. 

The ideal result, in reality, would be to encourage users to also consult the pages following the first one, at which most people often stop. Basically, Google takes inspiration from the formula used by social networks, with the idea of letting people pass the time. 

We'll see what the actual response of the surfing public will be. 

What changes for SEO?

As always, the changes implemented by Google will also change the strategies of those who use the search engine for commercial purposes. For this reason, on the one hand, the managers of commercial activities, companies and above all e-commerce will have to review their marketing plans. On the other hand, even insiders will have to review strategies and techniques, to keep up with the news. 

With a view to optimizing for search engines (SEO), the strategies will have to include a greater use of images and will have to optimize the contents they offer on the basis of Google's indications. Digife, thanks to a team of experts who are always up to date on the latest industry news, will be able to help you optimize your site and any other content from an SEO perspective. Our strong point is the collaboration with our customers, with whom we work closely to find the best strategy for your needs. 

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