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The rise of social commerce

By 28 September 2021No Comments
Social commerce - cover

The so-called social commerce represents an evolution of the now known e-commerce (digital commerce), which is located within the social networking networks

In many countries around the world (China above all), this new practice has already revolutionized the way people find, choose and shop, a revolution that has been further accelerated by the pandemic.

According to an analysis carried out by Hootsuite, more than half of the discoveries of new brands online do not happen as a result of an organic search on the web, but through i social. eMarketer estimates that online sales related to social commerce they will double, in the US alone, by 2025, for a total of over $ 79 billion.

In short, reversing the discussion from the point of view of companies, in many countries the majority of new (but also old) customers learn about a brand and make their purchases through asocial app.

There is therefore no doubt that the future of shopping is social and that today represents an unmissable opportunity for companies. 

Tap into the power of social discovery

We have already subconsciously moved from a "go shopping" mentality, which includes taking the time to find what we need, be it in-store or online, to a "perennial shopping" mentality, which accompanies us all the time. day.

In fact, the more our relationship with cell phones becomes symbiotic, the more it is online shopping it becomes an integral part of our daily life.

Even online shopping, however, is subject to constant changes, of interaction by users and trends. We have already seen the shift of internet traffic from landline to mobile, while now we are preparing to witness the transition from e-commerce to social commerce.

With endless possibilities always just a click away, at any time and place, many users are turning to social network, looking for personalized advice and targeted ads. 

And there are many people attracted by the feeling of happy discovery generated by social media advertising. According to data from this sample interviewin fact, the majority of respondents find it exciting to discover new products that, in fact, they weren't even looking for.

To go against the needs of this ever-increasing segment of the public, the current ones e-commerce they can no longer wait for people to look for them. On the contrary, it is necessary to adopt alternative solutions, such as the Facebook Discovery Commerce, a system that helps companies find customers who are potentially already interested in their products, based on the content they normally interact with on the famous social network.

Building credibility 

Among the different solutions adopted by companies to strengthen their presence on social networks, many companies have turned to content creators (web content creators). 

According to the data provided by the survey on the social commerce realized by Inmar for 2021, the 95% of the US adult population takes inspiration from influencer for your own purchases. In addition, the 84% of the US population made purchases following the recommendations of a influencer

Basically, associating your brand with a well-known face of social media allows companies to get noticed to a much greater extent than in the past. 

To demonstrate this, the data tells us that the influencer exponential growth, worth $ 13.8 billion, by the end of 2021.

The social commerce showcase

The social commerce takes on the role of a shop window. It offers the possibility of creating viewing and purchasing experiences for their products directly on the apps on which people spend their time conversing with relatives and friends, enjoying content, discovering new brands, products and targeted services. 

THE online stores on Facebook and Instagram are driving this evolution, with customizable collections and simple tools with which companies can show their products, create their own brand and make shopping always accessible for users.

The goal is to create a rewarding shopping experience for the user and, to do this, the best features of "face-to-face" and online shopping are combined. Such as the pleasure of discovery, live shopping, augmented reality product trials, messaging capabilities, and in-app checkout.

By exploiting new technologies to implement their business, through the social commerce, has generated positive effects on companies of all sizes.

Although in Italy the online trade is still dominated by sites e-commerce, the worldwide trend towards social commerce it will not be long in reaching our country as well. 

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