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Night Mode: the new WhatsApp function for night shots

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Whatsapp introduces another novelty, the Night Mode to improve the quality of photos taken at night.
At the moment this new shooting mode, for the integrated camera function, is only available on iOS, or iPhone and there are currently no updates about its probable release on Android smartphones.
Once this new feature is enabled, users of Whatsapp, will be able to take photos of a much higher quality in the dark and significant improvements will also be made to the display of video calls at night.
It seems that the Night Mode can be activated by users of Whatsapp also to shoot videos in low light conditions to get a smoother picture.
There WhatsApp Night Mode it will probably be usable with the next app update.

This new feature will improve the interface of the WhatsApp camera which at the moment is limited to using the flash, switching the front camera for selfies and a few other filters.

Soon next to the flash icon we will find the moon icon to activate and deactivate it if necessary night mode.
To date Whatsapp has not yet ruled on the timing for the official release of the night mode.
The introduction of this new function is nothing revolutionary, except for video calls which, indeed, thanks to the Night mode they will have a better and more detailed view.
For the rest, there are several devices on the market mobile who take quality photos even in low visibility environments, using the integrated software.

So, until when Whatsapp will not make the feature available, the ideal is to take pictures out of Whatsapp, retrieve them from the gallery to share them in the app.


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