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With e-commerce your business is destined to grow

The Italian ecommerce association Netcomm, during the eleventh edition of the Netcomm Ecommerce Forum, provided that, by the end of 2016, theecommerce will generate a turnover of around 19.3 billion euros, 2.7 billion more than in 2015. This means that the value of online sales retail will increase by 17% compared to last year, thanks, above all, to the progress made in the following sectors: clothing (+ 25%); information technology-electronics (+ 22%); publishing (+ 16%) and tourism (+ 11%).

The figures are even more impressive when you consider that the online retail sector in Italy was worth only 8 billion euros in 2010, which means that it has grown by 140% in the last six years.

Also in strong growth Online shopping from smartphones, even increased by 51% compared to last year and representing, to date, the 15% of online transactions in Italy. If we then consider that Italians also make purchases from other mobile devices, we can safely say that mobile transactions represent the 24% of all online transactions in Italy.

What are the driving sectors?

  • Tourism: this sector benefits most from ticket sales and accommodation reservations;
  • Informatics - Electronics: positive percentages especially from the smartphone trade; televisions; white goods and accessories;
  • Clothing: its spearhead is high fashion, even if, recently, there has been an increase in online sales also for sportswear and the mass market;
  • Publishing: distribution of school books and texts.

Among the sectors that do not yet have a thriving online market but which are registering growth, we have the food market which is expected to register + 29% and the home & Deco with + 39%.

Currently, in Italy there are about 18 million online shoppers, but, unfortunately, the number of Italian companies that sell products or services online is much lower than in other European countries. 800,000 companies in Europe operating in the sector ecommerce, of which 200,000 in France alone! Impressive numbers when compared to ecommerce Italian which has just 40,000 companies that sell online.

This means that Italian companies that do not have a ecommerce, not only lose a significant share of sales in Italy, but also lose potential revenue from foreign buyers.

The statistics suggest future developments aimed at increasing the growth rate of online sales!

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