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Integrated Ecommerce

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Try integrated eCommerce
DigiFE offers you a unique opportunity to open your business online. Combine an independent ecommerce site and eBay store.
The two platforms, independent of each other, will still be able to communicate through the software that will allow you to always keep your sales under control.
In both places it will enable the purchase of your products by credit card. Not only. It will also manage contacts and relationships with your potential customers and will take care of everything until the purchase is completed. You will only have to take care of packing the packages to be sent.
Simple, isn't it?

Do you have a management system? Here's how to integrate it.
The management system will not simply make your online platforms communicate. It is also able to communicate with the management of your company.
Import and export your products with just one click!

With one of our sites you will be able to achieve quick and effective commercial success at the lowest cost on the web, without advertising costs!
Contact us to find out more!

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