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Coronavirus and e-commerce: boom in online sales

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Impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on online sales in Italy February March 2020

The Corona Virus has brought about a sudden change in lifestyles and this is having an impact on our behavioral habits and also on our purchasing decisions that are inevitably shifting to digital purchasing.

We see ourselves subject to anti-contagion prevention measures that require us to avoid traveling, which is why an increasing number of individuals are inclined to buy online.

The health emergency that is forcing people at home has boosted the business of online shopping with home delivery, a significant increase in consumption in the entertainment sector emerges. The virus is driving game and internet service companies like Netflix and Amazon.

Online sales in Italy grew significantly compared to the same period in 2019. In particular, over the weekend, the e-commerce sector was largely affected by the outbreak of the Coronavirus.
On Saturday 22nd, online sales recorded a 102 percent increase.

Statistic: Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on online sales in Italy in February 2020 | Statesman
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It is useful to become aware of the situation. The changes in the use of the media and in the methods of online purchase are massive and exponential and attention must be paid to the opportunities that could ensue.

It is necessary to understand how it is possible to offer a service to one's customers in this situation, placing everyone's safety and health as a priority.

If the choices made work in this new context, they could also lay the foundations for a successful positioning in the future.

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