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Ikea makes you "try" the furniture in your home with augmented reality

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The new catalog available from 25 August is at the forefront thanks to an application to display furniture and accessories exactly where you would like them.

What do you need? No longer the traditional meter for taking measurements, but the new catalog on paper, a special application, a smartphone or a tablet (iOS or Android).

All thanks to a free application downloadable by the end of August from the App Store and Google Play

There augmented reality it is one of the youngest technology sectors with the greatest prospects for growth. Not only. It has the most diverse fields of application.

Ikea "increases" the fun

Let's see how it works. Download the free application fromApp Store or from Google Play. Select the piece of furniture you would like to “try” at home and scan its code using the camera of a smartphone.

At this point, place the catalog in the exact point where you would like to place the furniture or the Ikea accessory and you will see it appear on the smartphone or tablet screen by framing the area (as seen in the video). It is very simple because the installed application does everything: view the furniture or accessory - strictly in 3D - but use the catalog as a reference to take the measurements and show you the object in the proportions and measures appropriate to the room.

Not only Ikea but all the big brands are adapting to the practicality provided by new technologies ...

Here is augmented reality according to Ikea



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