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Google Translate: You can now translate with the camera

Google translator

We all know Google Translate and how it works, but the novelty is instant translation with the camera.

When you are around the world the most difficult thing is understanding the language, and unfortunately we Italians are not great connoisseurs of foreign languages. Now Google Translate comes to the rescue, which with the new update allows us to use the phone's camera to do translations.


  1. with your smartphone download google translate from here
  2. click on camera and frame what you want to translate
  3. click on notes, wait for the upload and ...
  4. … Select with your finger the word you want to translate

That's it, on the screen you will see the translated word or phrase.

Look here other features

The Google Translate app it already allows you to acquire the image of a text from the camera and receive the translation in 36 languages. Today we take the application to the next level: it will be possible to translate a text, always from the camera, without even clicking.

With the new Google Translate app it will be enough to frame a sign with an inscription or a text and the translation will appear directly on the screen - even if there is no internet connection. This will make it much easier to decide what you want to order from a Barcelona restaurant menu.

The instant translation function is currently available to and from the English associated with the most popular languages (French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish). And we're already working on expanding the service to many more languages.

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