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Google Shopping becomes free: what and how will change on your ecommerce site

By 21 July 2020No Comments

Google shopping becomes free this is the big news due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which has convinced Google to reach out to merchants around the world.

What is it about?
"Helping merchants to better connect with consumers, regardless of whether they advertise on Google": Google Shopping thus becomes an additional tool to tackle the trade crisis caused by the closures imposed by the fight against the spread of Covid- 19, making the display of products on the Shopping section of the search engine free.

Each e-commerce site will be able to expose their products for free to millions of people who use Google daily, to make online sales more efficient. In fact, users will be able to view more products from multiple stores, in the Google Shopping tab and then discover the retailer offering the best price.

What will change?
For advertisers and existing users of Merchant Center and Shopping ads who use paid ads, they will appear as always at the top of the results or at the bottom of the page. In addition, there will be products included in the catalog at no cost to the sellers.

In the face of this novelty, it is essential for merchants who have an e-commerce to enter Google Shopping as soon as possible in order not to miss any opportunities.

What is Google's strategy?
It is clear that Google is not an e-commerce, in the case of Google shopping it acts as an intermediary ... but it is not enough because recently Google has signed a partnership with PayPal, giving merchants the possibility to connect their accounts and conclude purchases. without going through the websites of online stores. He is also working closely with the most advanced CMSs including Shopify, WooCommerce and BigCommerce, to “make digital commerce more accessible for businesses of all sizes”.

It is clear that Google wants to start countering Amazon's dominance in the world of e-commerce even if Amazon's strength remains the wide range of products available and advanced shipping processes, but Google can try to undermine its dominance by going to bridging the gap between consumers and products and giving visibility (practically) to all eCommerce sites within the same platform, and also providing more in-stream purchase options and systems to monitor price trends and buy products when they are more convenient.

What to do?
Definitely don't get left behind, make sure your e-commerce site can integrate with Google Shopping and study a visibility strategy.

If you want to learn more, contact us, we will implement an automatic catalog of your products on google shopping for you!

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