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Google Plus, closes the Google branded Social

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“It closes its doors Google Plus, the social network launched in 2011 and never really took off.

The company, last October, had already announced its retirement in August 2019 then decided to anticipate the closure after the discovery of two security flaws that jeopardized the data of millions of subscribers. Google had warned users to keep archived photos, videos and pages, as they would be deleted as of April 2.

To retrieve the archive containing your data on Google Plus just go to the Download your data page, then select the archives you want to save and click on Next step. The delivery method of the downloaded archives must be selected and the extension and size of the archives to be downloaded must be selected. At this point you can start the data recovery. When the content is ready for download, the user will receive an email with the required archives.
It is also possible to delete your own profile: once logged in, simply click on the trash can icon next to the Google Plus profile and confirm Delete Google Plus on the information window that will appear.

The platform will continue to work for corporate users: anyone with a Google Plus account linked to the G Suite will be able to continue using it. "


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