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Street View Christmas Promotion

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Digife offers you the Google Street View Virtual Tour at an UNBEATABLE price !!!

Package Small for only 199 € ie instead of 350 € ie

Offer valid for all contacts signed by December 21st


  • 10 photos of the points of interest
  • publication on Google with Virtual Tour
  • transfer of Copyright rights on the card
  • Google Business card optimization
  • integration on the Website
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01.Greater Visibility

Increase the raking of your business on search engines and Google Maps

02. New Customers

Augmented reality is the ultimate in navigation experience as it is an innovative tool

03. High Quality Images

High definition images to show details of each environment allowing to exhibit environments and services in a unique way, able to catch the user's attention

Do you want to know more about the Google Street View Virtual Tour?

Do not miss this opportunity !!


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