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Chatbot: artificial intelligence for e-commerce

Chatbots are virtual software that interact with users, generate automatic responses, answer questions and more.
The latest virtual assistants of computers and smartphones are becoming more and more "human", more and more "intelligent". But the real progress goes beyond all this, that is trying to surf, get information, order a pizza, a hotel directly "talking or chatting" with the sites or apps.

A' Artificial intelligence is able to give answers, make decisions and help the user in the final purchase of the product.
Big brands like Apple with Siri, Windows with Cortana, or Facebook and Google, have been working for some time on artificial intelligence and its application, but above all, they continue to invest in a new sector that could become an inexhaustible source of resources.

In the world of online shopping, users expect one immediate response to any questions or concerns. One of the advantages for a consumer to choose to buy online or not lies in the fact of feeling protected, safe, accompanied by people before, during and after the purchase process. And that's why chatbots will have more and more importance: they are tools capable of creating an instant link between user and e-commerce 24 hours a day!

According to a study by eMarketer, 54.4% of users prefer to connect with companies through messaging apps. Chatbots can provide these services:

  • Accept requests of customers in real time
  • Respond to needs of users and provide relevant answers capable of creating a personalized shopping experience
  • Connect with people through channels that belong to everyone's newspaper: Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram.
  • Communicate, sell, build loyalty suggesting related products or services
  • Simplify the purchase following the user step by step until after checkout.

Many brands and large companies have decided to use Chatbots to communicate with your audience, providing pre and post sales assistance, suggesting products and guiding users towards purchasing. The projections of Ubisend studies, leaders in the sector, suggest that 1 in 5 customers would be in favor of buying online through a ChatBot while about double (i.e. 40% of consumers) want to receive offers and discounts from these artificial intelligences.
Customers satisfied and assisted in the purchase phase by these artificial intelligences they finish checking out quickly and they can become ambassadors to other users. In this way, chatbots become necessary tools for companies to establish a relationship with users and stimulate them to purchase, lead them to loyalty.

Studies on online sales show that approximately 68% of shopping carts filled after careful ecommerce research are abandoned before payment, therefore without completing the purchase. The new ChatBot technology helps improve this statistic because it allows you to give adequate support until the checkout phase: Artificial intelligences conduct conversations with e-commerce visitors throughout the buying process, continually learning to provide the correct answers and thereby reducing cart abandonment.

The possible customer, thanks to the continuous support he is encouraged to conclude the purchase. Improving interest in e-commerce can reduce visitor churns.
Without adequate advice, the online store risks losing a great technological innovation, that of ChatBots and artificial intelligence within business reach.

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