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Advertising via facebook

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Advertising is the soul of commerce and as such must be exploited in all its facets, one of these on the internet is the use of facebook, which has become a channel with a strong emotional impact on today's customers.

But how can you fully exploit the potential of this powerful social network?

A few points, fundamental and quick, then it will be your imagination and your content that will make the fans take off on your new FAN page!

Once logged in through your personal account click on this Link:

At this point, fill in the fields and start inviting your friends to like your page.

Try to attract the attention of your potential customers, publish original content and so you can gather a decent audience that will follow you and await your every new post!

In addition to this completely free form, Facebook also offers the possibility to subscribe to the Facebook advertising program and to use sponsored ads in such a way as to "broaden your audience" and achieve ever greater results.



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