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ADS campaigns – How to measure results without cookies?

By 7 December 2022No Comments
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As of 2024 Google has decided to delete third-party cookies. The news, now known to all, is destined to change the cards on the table for those who want to advertise on the web through ADS campaigns

Companies will have to study new strategies and find new tools to formulate a correct measurement of ADS campaigns, to quantify the return on investment and rethink or optimize business objectives. 

Let's see what and how to do. 

How ADS campaigns will change

If it is true that, in recent years, the ADS campaigns and, more generally, online advertising has undergone a large number of changes, it is equally true that marketers have always managed to adapt to the changes underway.

However, marketers must prepare for a new challenge, the future without third-party cookies. To ensure that the transition goes smoothly, it is important that all personnel understand how to carry out a correct measurement of the ADS campaigns

In fact, this point represents one of the greatest critical issues for many campaign experts, who often find it difficult to measure the data that allows them to fully understand the performance of advertising. 

So how do you know which data to focus your analysis on? What are obsolete and not useful data? 

Company goals

The first important concept to keep in mind is which data to take into account to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of one ADS campaign vary depending on the goals of the company. 

Many only take into consideration, wrongly, the CTR. Of course, this is an important value to understand how attractive the ad in question is, but it is not enough on its own. It fails, for example, to indicate whether the purchase was made or not.

In a virtual world without third-party cookies, it becomes increasingly important not to limit yourself to a single piece of data, the same for all companies and for all market objectives. Instead, it is essential to refine the analyzes and become more and more precise. 

First party data

If third-party cookies will disappear, to measure the ADS campaigns you will not be able to do without first-party data. Starting from the data collected directly from the company's website, user behavior can be processed and, consequently, important metrics such as site traffic, target CPA andLTV

By measuring traffic on the site it is possible to understand not the total number of visitors, but also their origin, for example through social channels, organic search or paid advertisements. 

Through the target CPA, on the other hand, it is possible to measure the amount spent to obtain the desired action from users, whether it is a click, a lead or a conversion. Finally, through the LTV you can better understand the "value" of a customer. The more you have a precise idea of the type of customers you are dealing with, both active and potential ones, the more ADS campaigns they will be effective. 

And you? Are you ready for the revolution?

Data, in addition to having to be collected correctly, must also be read, understood and, sometimes, interpreted correctly. Only in this way the ADS campaigns they may be successful and, consequently, the company's marketing strategies will be successful. 

Furthermore, the changes that are looming on the horizon must be faced with awareness, with the support of industry experts, who always stay up to date on the latest news. Like us at Digife, a young and dynamic team, always at the forefront of the latest technologies and always up to date on all the news from the world of the web. 

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