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A new system to replicate your ecommerce on Facebook!

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Ecommerce on Facebook

It's about a new extension officer that allows, to those who own a ecommerce, to replicate all the products / services, which are on the website, on the most popular social network in the world, or on Facebook.

Why should those who have an ecommerce opt for this new configuration?

1. because thanks to this system it will be possible upload all products and services automatically to Facebook, thus duplicating, without any effort, the entire store on the most popular social network in the world.
2. why using this new connector, will benefit from all the marketing tools made available by Facebook to boost your own sales e-commerce also on Instagram.

From ecommerce to Facebook showcase

Thanks to this configuration, in a few clicks it will be possible to replicate the entire catalog of products on the ecommerce site on the Facebook page, in the showcase tab.
Once the operation is completed, site and social will be synchronized, so any changes you make on the site will automatically take place on yours as well Facebook shop.
This means that you won't have to manage two sites separately because all the articles you add to your site will magically appear on the page Facebook.
Once replicated the shop on Facebook, the social network will provide you with all the tools to organize the products to your liking.
For example, you can divide them by collections, enlarge photos to crop them and tag them within your posts to give them greater visibility.
This new extension represents a great opportunity for those who own an ecommerce, precisely because it gives social media users the opportunity to make a purchase directly from Facebook.
All over the world there are many people who spend most of their free time on social networks such as Facebook ed Instagram and using this new connector would mean generating a significant traffic in their ecommerce.
The shop built on Facebook will offer your potential customers a nice shopping experience on all mobile devices, allowing products to be viewed from any screen.
With this new system you can connect with the right people and earn with sales on Facebook!
In short, it is the ideal solution for advertisers of shops, retail and e-commerce who wish to reach customers on Facebook.
This new connector will allow your customers to share, review and buy your products without ever leaving Facebook!
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