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Is your website secure?

Is your website secure?

The question of “no system is 100% secure” applies to websites as well.
In recent years, these have evolved considerably from simple static pages written in HTML to much more complex platforms in PHP.
These innovations bring with them possible vulnerabilities, possible access points for malicious people. But even a simple static page, with a form to fill out, can be used for an attack.
As of today, potentially, the 77% of websites use a version of PHP 5 that does NOT receive SECURITY support.
How to make our website as secure as possible?

  1. Backup.
  2. Update yesterday.
  3. Introduce more authentication factors to the backend

These are the fundamental factors for the protection of a site.

In conclusion, you are wondering if you really need all these security measures?

The answer is "absolutely yes“, Especially if you make money through a website (for example with e-commerce) and if you want to protect your data and those of your customers.

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