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Instagram - how to increase followers

By 1 June 2022No Comments
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In today's article we will deal with a rapidly growing social network which, also thanks to the slow decline of Facebook (at least in terms of the number of users), is enjoying increasing success globally: Instagram. According to the first data of 2022 in fact, only in Italy, Instagram it is the second favorite social media (21.7%), behind only Whatsapp (39.7%). 

As evidence of the exponential growth of this social platform, in 2021 Instagram it has exceeded 1 billion active users and has also seen its turnover grow proportionally. 

Have good visibility on Instagram it therefore means reaching a large slice of the public and the resulting earning opportunities are at least interesting, both in terms of private profiles and company profiles. 

How to make money with Instagram?

Before moving on to the central theme of this article, let's see in what ways you can generate revenue through Instagram. In general there are in fact 3 ways to use Instagram as a source of income:

  • Influencer; 
  • Online shop; 
  • Brand awareness.


Lately we hear a lot about the figure of the influencer. In other words, these are people who have managed to create an audience that follows them faithfully. 

Influencers are then paid to advertise the most varied products on their page, through sponsored posts and collaborations, thus "influencing" the purchasing choices of their followers. 

Online shop

Instagram allows companies to transform their page into a real showcase for the sale of products, thus transforming the company profile into a real e-commerce. 

Brand awareness

Finally, companies can take advantage of Instagram to promote their brand, company philosophy and, possibly, redirect users to their website (e-commerce). 

It is therefore a method of earning that indirectly uses Instagram to increase the sales of your online shop. 

In all three cases listed here, however, it is essential to establish a good base of loyal audiences, because very few followers obviously generate very little income. So let's see 5 practices to increase your followers. 

How to increase followers 5 useful tips 

To hope to attract the attention of even a few people, you first need an idea. Instagram users "like" a page that generates content that they consider interesting and tend to remove the "like" otherwise. The very first thing to do is to choose the type of content you want to publish.

Depending on this choice, and on many other factors, there are many paths that you can take to increase your followers, which we cannot discuss here in depth. 

However, there are some useful tips for everyone. 

Profile customization

The profile page reflects the person or company that owns it. Therefore, in addition to making sure you fill in all the required fields, the page can and should be customized as much as possible. So as to be easily recognizable and communicate the company's philosophy at the same time. 

Particular attention should therefore be given to the profile photo and description. The latter in particular, to be effective, must include all the keywords related to the commercial activity, possibly through an easy-to-read bulleted list. 


Instagram it is above all a social network of images. The most important thing then is to publish photos capable of attracting attention, which is not easy in the large cauldron of images that are posted every day on Instagram

To stand out, according to different needs, we recommend: 

  • publish original and non-purchased photos;
  • take a cue from the photos of successful profiles operating in the same sector…; 
  • … But don't copy, to stand out the photos must have something distinctive; 
  • try to publish coherent photos, both in terms of themes and chromatic scale; 
  • enter a captivating, comprehensive and hashtag description. 


Posting content on a regular basis is essential for increasing followers. In fact, many users tend to abandon pages that do not publish photos for a long time. 

A second aspect linked to regularity also concerns the time of publication. After some analysis and testing, it is useful to identify the time of day when your users are most active and publish the content in that time frame. 

Stories and reels

One of the most popular features offered by Instagram, albeit relatively recent, is the ability to see videos and reels. Taking advantage of this opportunity can give a strong push to the page, thanks to the great visibility that the videos possess. 


If the opportunity is taken, Instagram it can become an important direct link with your followers or with your customers (as far as companies are concerned). This aspect can bring several advantages. 

The followers, if enticed to comment on the published contents, can quickly form a community and therefore become loyal to the page Instagram. From the comments it is also possible to obtain useful information on the type of content that users expect to see or on the products they would like to buy. 

Finally, responding to comments, both positive and negative, gives followers the feeling of being taken into consideration, encouraging them to stay. An active community will more easily attract new users. To deepen this concept, we refer todedicated article

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