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E-commerce: from shop to digital - the pros and cons

By 4 August 2022No Comments
e-commerce - dal negozio al digitale - copertina

The sector ofe-commerce and digital has been the protagonist of constant growth in recent years, also driven by the numerous lockdowns that have forced individuals to make their purchases on the web. Attracted by this great commercial opportunity, more and more traders and companies have turned to professionals in the sector, such as Digife, to launch your site e-commerce

Going from a physical store to a digital one, however, is not an immediate transition, but requires commitment, money and above all the understanding of different dynamics than what you are used to.

Be in step with the times by going digital

Open a e-commerce it means adapting to changing times, the presence on the web is seen, in fact, by customers as a strength. On the contrary, being absent on the internet is perceived as a lack, a negative point. 

The mistake that many entrepreneurs make, however, is to think that it is enough to have a site e-commerce to start selling online and thus increase your earnings. Unfortunately this is not the case. 

The process leading to a e-commerce success is long, demanding and must be carried out rationally. Here are some aspects to take into consideration, when you decide to expand your business to the world of the web. 

The cost

First of all, the cost of the operation must be taken into consideration. Many think that setting up an online store from scratch costs little or nothing. Wrong! The creation of the site has starting costs, to which are added the management costs and any costs for the promotion of the brand (which we will discuss later). 

Constant commitment

Once thee-commerce is online, you need to fill it with content and products, update it periodically, respond to customer inquiries, e-mails and reviews, and other very diverse activities. 

Basically, the amount of daily work increases and you have to be prepared to manage it, the risk is to put yourself and your employees in difficulty. The result is that what initially was supposed to be a source of income, becomes a bitch that does not increase the income of the business, due to mismanagement. 

To ensure that your site appears among users' searches, it is also necessary to keep it constantly updated with news, useful information and curiosities. It is a more complex practice than one might think, since it implies very specific rules. So much so that, in technical terms, it is defined SEO, or optimization for search engines. Also in this case, there are professionals in the sector who deal with this aspect (such as the writer). 

Digital Marketing

Another important aspect concerns the strategy of marketing to be adopted to make the online shop make the most of it. Especially for small local businesses, this is a fundamental operation. We must in fact consider that on the web we find ourselves competing with large companies, located all over the world. These will have great visibility and a significantly higher budget invested in advertising. 

Therefore, one cannot think of starting selling immediately throughout Italy, but it is necessary to start in small steps. The first step is to make the company known locally, and then eventually broaden the range of action. Users, in fact, tend not to trust a company they have never heard of before. In short, you have to make yourself known, through the branding

Furthermore, for an effective promotional campaign, in addition to relying on a team of professionals, it is important to know the tools to use. Google ADS, Analytics and other measurement tools are as fundamental as they are complex to use. 

Going to meet customers

The shopping habits of web users are different from what normally happens for the physical store. Those who surf the internet are in fact used to large marketplaces such as Amazon, which offer convenience of purchase, speed and convenience. 

In order to be competitive with the great giants ofe-commerce therefore similar services must be offered, which requires further effort. Therefore, pay attention to the shipping methods, the services offered and, above all, to offers and promotions. Usually, before making a purchase, a customer looks for the most convenient solution, at the best price or that offers the fastest shipping. 

Integrated e-commerce

The last point we would like to address concerns the integration of the e-commerce site with other tools. Often, in fact, the site itself is not sufficient, or at least it is decidedly more effective when supported by other platforms. With this in mind, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks can greatly increase the visibility of a business. 

This is again the concept of visibility: by increasing its presence on the web through different channels, it also increases its visibility and, consequently, its turnover. In the same way, the offer can be increased, through the creation of a dedicated app or the latest technology in this field: the PWA.

Digife - the e-commerce specialists

From what has been said so far, it is clear that the creation of a successful digital e-commerce site must be entrusted to a team of experts. We have repeated it several times and we are convinced of it. 

If you too have smelled the commercial potential offered by an online store, contact us for more information, for advice or a quote. We from Digife we will be happy to answer all your doubts, with the professionalism and courtesy that have always distinguished us.