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DigiFe Services

Professional Newsletter

The brand new and revolutionary online Direct Marketing service was born with the collaboration of NEXT DATA, our professional hosting provider. You can create personalized and quality emails with a professional template even without having any knowledge of HTML or any design skills.

The best marketing strategy

Create your emails to make yourself known, follow the best strategy to be contacted.

Customizable templates

Customize the look of your email as you like with easy-to-edit forms.

Analysis of the results

Check the statistics, see who opened and what they were interested in to improve the content and appearance of your emails.

Check out ours video guides of the newsletter




A new editor

It will allow you to send your message quickly to a huge number of users.
It is possible to program the sending of messages even with the terminal off; moreover it is possible to carry out shipments on the move, since the client is developed in a "responsive design" perspective for both the user and the end user. In this way the control panel as the message arriving at its destination is self-adapting to the size of any portable device screen.

Timed Sending

Timed and automated sending based on the news published on its site. You can create sending groups based on the tastes and interests of your users in relation to a product / service. We guarantee the CERTAINTY of everything that happens during the shipment, such as the number of people reached by the message and the validity of the email addresses in your database.

The platform

  • schedule the mailings, no pc for access during the mailing;
  • "Dilute" the mailings so as not to end up on the blacklist;
  • manage infinite lists, import / export of contacts;
  • manage graphic templates;
  • monitor openings;
  • monitor clicks on various links.



A system of templates is also available for the design of the web pages for registration and cancellation from the lists and for the modification by users of the personal information entered.


Contact us to have an easy and intuitive newsletter created

You will be able to manage your advertising campaign quickly and with customized graphics. Subsequently you will be able to monitor the statistics of the opening progress of your newsletter.