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DigiFe Services

Pec and Professional Mail

The best solution for a careful management of certified e-mail within any organization structured on several levels.
It allows, in a simple and intuitive way, to speed up and simplify the integrated management of telematic communications between citizens, businesses and the Public Administration in an effective way, at low start-up and use costs.

SMTP Authenticated

Send your mail securely.

Professional mail

Create your mail with secure and professional SMTP.


Quick and easy setup.




Professional Mail

  • professional mail with authenticated smtp of the type
  • web mail on personal domain - for all types of devices - eg.
  • selective spam filter
  • authenticated smtp is checked periodically and never goes blacklist
  • possibility to add the newsletter service


How the PEC works

  1. The sender sends the message to the recipient
  2. The manager sends a notification of acceptance / non-acceptance of the message to the sender
  3. The message is then enveloped in a new message (called "transport envelope") digitally signed by the manager and sent to the recipient.
  4. The receiving manager checks the signature
  5. The receiving manager makes the message available in the box
  6. The receiving manager sends the sending manager a receipt of delivery



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