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DigiFe Services

Our online PPC advertising program - Pay Per Click

Experts in Google Adwords campaigns (now Google ads) dedicated to your account.
An advertising campaign tailored to your business that will bring qualified leads to your website.
The optimization of the campaign in progress with a budget to be evaluated with the client.

Search engine advertising

The most suitable keywords, an ad hoc landing page to get the best result on search engines.

PPC Remarketing

Turn potential customers into loyal customers, our team will ensure that all those who have expressed interest in your products are contacted.

Social advertising

Do you need to generate curiosity about your brand? We will use social media with a tailored advertising strategy aimed at meeting your goals.




Focus on the goals

A PPC expert is ready to discuss and evaluate a strategy that fits your business.

Create the advertising communication plan

We research and evaluate the most suitable "keywords" for your business, we create coherent and interesting ads, we study the target (territorial, demographic, statistical).

Monitor the results

A powerful on-demand report will give you insights into your marketing campaign so you can better understand user behavior regarding your business strategies.

Improve the ongoing campaign

First stage campaign testing to understand if the strategies are correct, Second phase evaluation and review to save on clicks and achieve goals.


We are ready to satisfy your requests

Together with the client, we evaluate all the details to provide a complete and uncompromising tool. We study graphics and propose solutions to engage the Web audience.