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DigiFe Services

Professional E-commerce

An ecommerce must sell your products and services by presenting them in a simple and immediate way.
Time is a limited resource; with our systems we make life easy for those who have to manage sales, starting from the loading of the images produced by “drag & drop” to the configuration of all payment systems on credit card, Pay Pal or other systems.

Mobile applications

Make your site visible from mobile to be able to make the most of the platform and be able to sell your products every hour and in every part of the world!

Study of the sales channel

Manage your products with one click.
We recommend the best online sales channels after evaluating the impact of the type of product on the web.

Graphics and user interface

We take care of the graphics of your e-commerce to make a user's navigation comfortable, making it dynamic and simple for purchases.




Import export

The data import / export functionality allows you to transfer data on orders, products or users separately.
For example, it is also possible to import / export data for a single product or to select all the fields that we want to import and which are contained in a CSV (excel) file.


It allows you to identify the number of daily visits, frequency, location, age, etc ... in order to implement sales strategies and promotions suited to your business.
This allows you to analyze the most visited products, the most sold (best sellers) and those on which to act with promotional strategies.


With the help of the integrated affiliate system you can promote your products on other websites without any third party software required.

Indexed and Secure

We offer a perfect system to be indexed on the net and SEO optimized, giving the possibility to be among the first on search engines and offer its customers the guarantee of a safe purchase.


We are ready to satisfy your requests

Together with the client, we evaluate all the details to provide a complete and uncompromising tool. We study graphics and propose solutions to engage the Web audience.

Do you want an e-commerce that enhances your company's products?

We are professionals in the creation of customized e-commerce sites for both small and large companies.
We have developed ecommerce for shops in the cities of: Ferrara, Bologna, Rovigo, but we are operational throughout Italy.

Our specializations