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DigiFe Services

Website Restructuring

Is your site out of date? Would you like to communicate more effectively on the web? Have you been far-sighted and already boast a few years of presence on the Web, but your site is now obsolete? These are problems that many companies face every day, but which for one reason or another (time, economic investment ...) tend to relegate to the "To do list" until a later date.

Content retrieval

We recover all content and safely transport it to the new platform.

Responsive interface

Creating a responsive site is the number one key to reaching the majority of users


We use a simple interface to manage your site autonomously


Unresponsive design, Flash elements, site difficult to access


Site available from any device, accessible and easy, coordinated image





Our sites are easy to manage and self-updating.
We can decide the best solution together with the customer in order to propose economic solutions suitable for any type of project.

We enhance your strengths

Starting from a preliminary analysis of the platform in use, identifying its strengths and weaknesses, to understand what to save and possibly improve. As always, listening to the customer's needs is fundamental.

A new graphic design

This is followed by the study of the ideal solution for the re-adaptation of the site, from a new graphic layout, to communication up to the creation of indexed contents that allow better availability on search engines.

Renovating is worthwhile

A refurbished site has nothing to envy compared to a new one, but it is obviously much cheaper and faster to build.


We are ready to satisfy your requests

Together with the client, we evaluate all the details to provide a complete and uncompromising tool. We study graphics and propose solutions to engage the Web audience.