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Superpowers on WhatsApp! To you the gift of invisibility!

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Superpoteri wahtsapp - copertina

Invisibility on WhatsApp.

How many times have you wished be invisible on WhatsApp lest you have a little oppressive contact, be aware of your connection toApp, bombard you with messages?

While in real life the gift ofinvisibility remains a mystery, in virtual reality, with some small tricks, be invisible seems to have become possible.

Here is the secret ofinvisibility, to prevent intrusive contacts from disturbing you or monitoring your connections.

Invisibility of the last access

First open the settings, click on account and select the item privacy. By clicking on the item Last Access, three options will open: all; my contacts is nobody. If you choose the more categorical option, that is nobody, all your contacts will not be able to know when you last logged in on Whatsapp. By selecting the item nobodyobviously theinvisibility it will also apply to you and therefore you will not be able to know when your users have connected to theApp.

Staying on the screen Privacy, another way to stay invisible is to select the item state and then nobody. This choice will prevent others from knowing your status.

Invisibility of the profile picture

Whatsappin addition to your status, it also displays your profile picture. Also through the settings it is possible to make your photo invisible too .. We repeat the procedure: settings/ account / privacy/ profile picture is nobody, or my contacts, it depends on who you want to be recognized.

Disabling read receipts

Finally, there is the much discussed double blue check, which notifies others when their message has been read. If, however, you want this option to work out too Invisible to the recipient, just turn off the voice read confirmation. By choosing to disable the function, other people's read receipts will also not be visible to you.

These tricks should help you be invisible on WhatsApp and to live your days with more tranquility without being continually distracted by contacts who would like to chat with you, on Whatsapp, all day.