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Dash Button: the accessory that will revolutionize shopping in Italy

Amazon, e-commerce most famous in the world, it also launches the Dash Button, a new electronic device that will revolutionize the concept of online shopping.

How does it work? Simple! when we realize, for example, that, in the pantry, the package of Barilla spaghetti is almost finished, we just need to press the button of the gadget with the Barilla logo to start immediately the purchase order and receive it the next day.

The Dash Button, is nothing more than a small electronic device 'custom' that it will make life easier for customers who are loyal to certain products, who will be able to shop simply by pressing the gadget button with the brand of the products they wish to order.

Let's try to understand how it is done and how it works Amazon Dash Button and its more advanced version Amazon Dash Replenishment,

The Amazon Dash Button I am, coI mentioned earlier, small plastic electronic devices (about 5x2x1 cm) with a round button and a sticker on the back that allows you to attach and reposition them on any surface, such as the fridge, the kitchen pantry door, the washing machine, bathroom… etc…. The innovative system can be used by all those who have a subscription Amazon Prime. The future of technology is closer than ever: the IoT, the Internet of Things, i.e. the interaction with objects that allow, through Wifi connection, to carry out purchase operations from the comfort of home.

After the success that i Dash Button have collected in the USA, Amazon introduces devices also in Italy, but, for the moment, the available brands will be 27: Ace, Biorepair, Barilla, Brabantia, Dash, Caffè Vergnano 1882, Durex, Derwent, Finish, Fairy, GBC, Huggies, Gillette, Kleenex, Lines e Lines Specialist, L ' Angelica, Nerf, Mulino Bianco, Nobo, Pellini, Pampers, Play-Doh, Scholl, Rexel, Scottonelle, Scottex, Tampax.

How it works specifically Amazon Dash Button? Let's take an example: we need a pack of Barilla lasagna because we realize we have finished them and, moreover, the next day we have a dinner with friends to whom we have promised a nice plate of lasagna Bolognese. Thanks to the system designed by Amazon, we just need to press the button Amazon Dash Button (the one that bears the Barilla 'logo') and shortly after a notification will be sent to our smartphone and it will only be necessary to confirm the purchase of the product that will be delivered the next day. This is to prevent involuntary purchase orders from starting because, perhaps, we accidentally pressed the button.

Its advanced version is Amazon Dash Replenishment. Let's see what it offers more. 

Amazon has thought big! The same items will do the shopping for you. For example, a washing machine may decide to order detergent when it is running out.

In fact, some brands will undertake to market household appliances with internet connections which, if enabled, can connect independently of our will with Amazon and initiate orders. Jeff Bezos' company has made deals with a number of big brands that are committed to producing devices that can complement the system Amazon Dash Replenishment: Grundig, Kyocera, Samsung and Whirlpool, Beko, Bosch and Siemens.