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WordPress plugins - free or paid?

By 18 August 2022No Comments
Plugin wordpress - copertina

WordPress, the famous open source platform that allows the creation and distribution of a website, uses modules that extend its functionality and add new features: plugin

THE plugin of WordPress make the tool much more flexible and customizable and are fundamental in the creation of a site. Some allow you to extend existing features, others introduce completely new ones and there are both free and paid ones. What is the difference? Which ones should you use?

How do WordPress plugins work?

THE plugin they must first be downloaded and installed in WordPress, after which they can be activated or deactivated at will. Once activated, WordPress includes the code of a plugin internally, allowing the programmer to use it both in the frontend and in the backend. When a plugin is deactivated, its code is removed from the execution stream. 

This way you can decide at any time which one plugin to activate and which ones to remove, allowing maximum flexibility. Here are some of the most common features:

  • add buttons for sharing content;
  • insert contact forms; 
  • create photo galleries; 
  • speed up navigation on the site; 
  • check who visits the site; 
  • SEO optimization
  • increase possible user roles;
  • etc.

Free or paid plugins? Advantages and disadvantages

Although the WordPress points to release all plugin in free mode, a large portion, if not the majority, of them are only available for a fee. There are obviously differences between these two types of plugin, the main of which are three. 


The free contents of WordPress, be they themes, templates or plugin, they are often limited in the choices they allow to make. Paid plugins, on the other hand, open up numerous customization possibilities, giving developers the ability to do virtually anything. 

Using the premium features it is possible, for example, to customize your site, making header, footer, menu and many other attractive elements, differentiating them from others. 

In short, if the professionals of the sector rely on paid content it is also for this reason. 

Maintenance, support and assistance

One of the most important benefits that i plugin for a fee they offer, compared to the free ones, it is the support that the site managers acquire. Premium services include 24/7 support, ongoing maintenance and frequent updates. A service that is particularly appreciated in emergency situations or in the event of technical problems. 

In the case of those free, however, those who manage the website do not receive sufficient support and therefore cannot count on the support of the creators of the plugin.


Finally, a technical aspect worth mentioning is the quality of the code. To put it as clearly as possible, i plugin for a fee they work better. In addition to increasing the number and type of possible transactions, i plugin premium never conflict with others plugin and do not crash, also by virtue of the continuous updates to which they are subject. 

The reason is simple, the creator of the plugin for a fee he receives funds which he can spend to afford competent developers who regularly update the tool. 

Free or paid? The answer

When deciding whether to use a plugin free or a paid one, the first thing to do is evaluate your needs (and / or the customer's). Often the free versions offer sufficient requirements to do the required work while, in some cases, it is necessary to purchase the paid version. 

Usually, i plugin essentials offer both versions and, if in doubt, you can think of starting with the free version, and then moving on to the premium if necessary. On the other hand, as we have said, i plugin for a fee, they offer several benefits that can speed up and improve the developer's work. Finally, we must also consider the budget available, before deciding to upgrade to the premium version. 

Net of all these considerations, our advice is to use the plugin for a fee as much as possible. Once you've switched to premium, given the benefits it offers, it's hard to go back!