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OpenaAI introduces GPT-4o – The new frontier of AI

By 16 May 2024No Comments

This week OpenAi presented the new ChatGPT model: GPT-4o. This new iteration promises to further revolutionize the way we interact with machines, significantly improving text comprehension and generation capabilities over its predecessors.

The new version will be made available gradually, but the text and image features will be accessible immediately, and above all free for all users. Let's discover the innovations introduced by this new model.

The latest news: GPT-4o

Like all the new features introduced, GPT-4o also represents a qualitative leap for interactions with artificial intelligence. This model can, in fact, interpret the facial expressions via smartphone cameras and even tone of voice, adapting tone and responses based on detected emotions, and can generate vocal responses in real time. 

With a response time of just 320 milliseconds, GPT-4o promises almost human interaction, a significant improvement compared to previous models, but the margins for improvement appear to be high, as OpenAI executives themselves admit during the presentation:

“Given that GPT-4o is our first model that combines all of these modalities, we are still only exploring the surface of what the model can do and its limitations”1.

Accessibility and applications

An important new feature of GPT-4o is its free availability for all registered users, even those who do not opt for paid subscriptions. This policy opens doors to a wide range of users and applications, making technology more accessible and inclusive. Advanced features, previously reserved for paying users, such as web browsing, data analysis, access to the GPT Store and memory functions, are now available to everyone.

Performance improvements have also been made regarding translations. GPT-4o can in fact process and translate information in as many as 50 languages, thus covering 97% of the global population.

Paid content

The service will be free for all users, but usage limits will continue to exist and subscribed users will be able to use GPT-4o up to 5 times the capacity limits to which non-paying users have access. 

Another good reason that could push users to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus, instead of using the service in free mode, is that the latest updates will continue to be introduced first for premium users and only later for free users.

The new voice features shown by OpenAI in the presentation livestreaming, for example, will already be available in the next two weeks, but only for ChatGPT Plus users. 

Market responses and future prospects

OpenAI organized the presentation of GPT-4o, not surprisingly, one day before the event organized by Google to present the new features of Google I/O, thus putting itself ahead of the competition. 

However, many thought that OpenAI would also give news regarding a search engine based on ChatGPT's AI. This was not the case, but news is expected in this regard in the near future.

However, the GPT-4o launch event and its promising capabilities have generated a wave of excitement in the technology sector. Analysts predict that this model will not only raise the level of AI interactions but also spur further innovations in the field. The interest shown by users and developers suggests that GPT-4o could soon become a standard in its field.

Google I/O

Google certainly didn't stand by and watch. During the annual developer conference, Google I/O, various innovations were presented, with Artificial Intelligence applied to search engines at the center. 

Web search is set to undergo many changes, with the introduction of AI Overviews, which will allow users to search using AI in a multimodal way. In fact, it will be possible to ask Overviews to do a search through classic typing, but also with photos and videos. 

News that has alarmed SEO experts and website publishers around the world, but Google assures: "we want to continue to focus on sending traffic that has value to publishers and creators". We'll see.


The struggle for the supremacy of IA has reached a critical point and more and more innovations and improvements are expected in this sector, driven by strong competition. We'll see who will emerge victorious and, above all, what the changes will be for the world of the web (and beyond).

One thing is certain, in the coming months all web experts and professionals will have to keep their ears open and continue to stay updated, so as not to risk being left behind.